100 Miles for Suffolk Mind : Robert Davidson

Hi I’m Rob, and this is my 12 year-old Lurcher Scoo, who comes with me nearly everywhere, including the 100 Miles we’ll be walking for Suffolk Mind over the next 100 days.  I’ve struggled with anxiety and severe clinical depression for most of my adult life and it’s taken me many years to find the right balance of medication, counselling, exercise and changes to my lifestyle and my work.  Accessing local NHS Mental Health Services and following its care pathway through to the end has been instrumental in helping me find that balance.  I’m not cured – I’ve learnt to accept that for me it’s always going to be a battle, but now it’s one that I don’t have to fight alone.  

Please help me raise funds for Suffolk Mind and raise awareness of mental health issues in general – because nobody should have to fight

Be a 100 Miles for Suffolk Mind superstar! If you’re looking for a way to stay active, want to achieve something amazing and do something to help others, then take on our 100-day challenge starting January 2022. The 100 miles for Suffolk Mind in 100 days challenge is to cover the distance of 100 miles over 100 days in whatever way you choose. Anyone, any age can take part, be it solo or as part…